Unquenched hunger

Unquenched hunger
Yearning deep
Thy redeemer my soul to meet.

A gentle knocking, spring of love
My heart consumed by quenching flood.
The same power the veil did tear
My sin taken as His to bear.

Bring forth a new life shoot
My life a bounty of fruit.
A harvest from His toil
A new heritage, Royal.

My companion, dearest friend
The answer to my plea He did send.
In the world a growing need
Will you be the one to sow the seed?


#1 Introducing Jesus

Who is Jesus?

The “Who is Jesus?” Podcast is about unveiling the person of Jesus. Believers from all over the world reveal the Jesus they know and the love the has for you.

Show Timeline

00:30 Know Jesus as a person
00:46 John 3:16
01:20 Jesus is not accusing you
02:00 Jesus adores you
02:31 Religion takes us away from God
03:15 Contrast between Adam and Jesus
04:21 It’s about more than the assurance of heaven
04:50 Who is Jesus?
05:12 Colossians 1:15
06:46 Jesus was there in the beginning
07:07 Everything is created through Jesus for Jesus
09:14 Prayer to Jesus.

Show Notes/Scriptures to read

  • John 3:16
  • Romans 5:15-21
  • Colossians 1:15
  • Song: Name of the One I Love, Download it here.